Hacker Dōjo - Read This Before Posting

Hacker Dōjo is an open source knowledge community built by hackers, focusing on the field of cryptography and cutting-edge technology of Web3. Dōjo organizes regular open-source knowledge sessions via Livestream/Twitter Space/blog posts.

The sharing topics mainly cover L1 and L2 consensus algorithms, architectures, GitHub repo related content, including but not limited to the following topics.

  • Scroll / Polygon zkEVM
  • Eigen’s hybrid proof system
  • Starkware
  • azTec
  • Optimism
  • Zecrey
  • Aptos
  • Move
  • Cryptography (Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Public-Key Cryptography, Hash Functions, Lattice-Based Cryptography) - Distributed Systems
  • Ethereum protocol stack
  • Quantum computing and quantum information
  • Satellite communication system and spacecraft system design

By joining Dōjo, Hackers can suggest perosonal learning expectations and take the initiative to propose technical topics they are good at and have Dōjo team organize sharing sessions. At the same time, Hacker Dōjo launches the Web3 Frontier Topics Research Program, where topics are selected periodically, researched and shared by hackers. Contributors will be rewarded in the form of a bounty.

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