**InheritChain Protocol Grant Proposal** Dora Grant DAO Round 4

InheritChain Protocol Grant Proposal
“Securing Digital Legacies, Today and Tomorrow.”
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We are thrilled to present our proposal for the InheritChain Protocol, a groundbreaking solution aimed at securing digital legacies and ensuring the seamless transfer of digital assets to future generations. With this grant application, we seek support from the Dora Grant DAO Hackathon to further develop and refine the InheritChain Protocol, ultimately contributing to the advancement of decentralized finance and the preservation of digital wealth.

Project Overview:
The InheritChain Protocol addresses a critical issue faced by cryptocurrency holders today – the loss of digital assets due to the loss of private keys or unforeseen circumstances. Our protocol enables users to create and manage digital wills, defining conditions for the transfer of their ERC20 tokens to beneficiaries. By integrating innovative technologies and leveraging blockchain’s security, InheritChain empowers users to secure their digital assets, ensuring a smooth transition for their loved ones in the event of unexpected situations.

Project Objectives:

  1. Enhanced Security: Develop and refine the smart contract infrastructure to ensure robust security, tamper-resistance, and protection against vulnerabilities.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Improve the user experience by enhancing the DApp’s interface, making it intuitive, accessible, and user-friendly.
  3. Scalability: Optimize the protocol’s architecture to accommodate a growing user base without compromising efficiency or performance.
  4. Integration with External Tools: Integrate Push Protocol, Valist, ENS, and Covalent to enhance real-time notifications, smart contract deployment, address usability, and data insights, respectively.
  5. Education and Adoption: Create educational resources and guides to empower users with the knowledge to use InheritChain effectively, fostering wider adoption.

Benefits to Dora Grant DAO:
By supporting the InheritChain Protocol, Dora Grant DAO can contribute to the advancement of DeFi while addressing a crucial gap in the digital asset ecosystem. Our protocol aligns perfectly with the DAO’s mission of fostering innovation and driving tangible impact. Dora Grant DAO’s partnership would catalyze the development of InheritChain, positioning it as a cornerstone in the world of blockchain-based legacy preservation.

Project Timeline:

  • Phase 1 (Month 1-2): Smart contract enhancement and security audit.
  • Phase 2 (Month 3-4): DApp interface improvement and integration of external tools.
  • Phase 3 (Month 5-6): Scalability optimization and educational resources development.

Budget Allocation:
Use of Grant - $50,000

  1. Smart Contract Development and Security Audit
  2. DApp Interface Enhancement
  3. External Tools Integration
  4. Scalability Optimization
  5. Education and Adoption Resources

The InheritChain Protocol is poised to redefine digital legacy preservation, ensuring that individuals’ hard-earned digital assets are secure and accessible to their heirs. By partnering with Dora Grant DAO, we aim to accelerate the development and adoption of this revolutionary protocol. We believe that InheritChain not only aligns with the DAO’s values but also opens new avenues for decentralized finance that prioritize legacy and security. With your support, we can turn this vision into reality.

Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the success of Dora Grant DAO Hackathon.