A3S Protocol - World's First Transferrable NFT Wallet

A3S Protocol is a multi-chain protocol to realize Interaction Abstraction, enabling every users to experience the advanced functions of smart contract in a simpler way. It changes functional smart contracts into A3S smart NFTs, thereby users can freely trade or collect the smart NFTs to get the corresponding functions and realize some complex on chain interactions.

A3S Protocol in the first stage build up the architecture of transferable addresses that equips contract addresses with liquidity and integrability.

Steps by steps, We aim to taking ‘Account Abstraction’ further to the next era of ‘Interaction Abstraction’.

Check out our BUIDL: A3S Protocol BUIDL

A3S Protocol provides “Address as a Service”. It equips addresses with liquidity and integrability, thereby allowing them to be priced as the basic on-chain service.

【Why Transferable Address】
Giving the address liquidity will solve many dilemmas in the use of existing addresses, and bring more significant application scenarios to the address:

Scenario 1: Alternative Liquidity
Since addresses can be transferred, all assets, equity and other values attached to addresses will also be able to rely on addresses for liquidity, e.g. SBT, non-transferable tokens designed in some protocols.

Scenario 2: Premium for Continuous Interaction Records
Every interaction of the user is written on the address. The value of these transaction records will be gradually discovered as the liquidity of the address is opened, thus affecting the user’s on-chain behavior patterns; meanwhile, the transferable address will allow the interaction records last.

Senario 3: More possibilities to be integrated and custody
By instantiating the address control rights and expressing it in the form of NFT, in theory, all infrastructures around NFT will be applicable to such addresses. This will further enable a higher level of integratability for addresses.

【Use of Grant】- $30,000

  • Development of new senario-oriented protocols - $12000
  • Development of A3S marketplace for trading addresses - $8000
  • Content and product marketing - $5000
  • Build A3S DAO - $5000

【A3S Incentive Token Offering】
To motivate Web3 users to comprehend more about account abstraction concept, A3S Protocol is about to launch its first-round incentive token offering through a Mint-queue-earn gamification campaign.

In this campaign, users need to mint A3S Address NFT on Arbitrum and enter the queue, so that he/she could gain $AA.

In the first phase of the campaign, only whitelisted users are allowed to mint the Address NFT and join the mint-queue-earn game.

【A3S Supporter reward】
Contribute 5 votes for A3S in Dora Grant DAO can make you earn a discord role and a WL! If you have voted for us, please go to our DC to claim your incentives: Discord

What can you do with WL?
Get access to early mint of A3S NFT on Arbitrum and be eligible to join Mint-Queue-Earn and earn $AA tokens more efficiently than public.

The development of Web3 infra is a long-term and challenging process, we are so looking forward to get the support from Dora community, so that we can be at the forefront of promoting the superiority of Account Abstraction together with you!

A3S Protocol Team