About the Web3 Job Market category

Job market is where recruiters and job seekers can find their best match. All jobs are posted from DoraHacks trusted partners including renowned Web3 companies, VC funds and other tech companies.

For recruiters, you’re welcome to post latest jobs here following the requirements that:

  1. Make sure every job post and its details are veritable.

  2. Your job post should give as many details as possible for the job seekers, including but not limited to:

    Workplace/Remote, Key Responsibilities, Qualifications, Nice-to-have, How to apply

  3. Take care of the questions left in your comment section.

For job seekers, the comment section is where you can interact with the recruiter. Please note that:

  1. Do not leave your real life personal information in the comment section. Take care of your privacy.
  2. Use friendly language.
  3. If you find any recruiter/job post violated our community guidelines, please report to DoraHacks Discord

If you want to join DoraHacks’ partner network and post a job, please contact @dorahacksofficial on Telegram.

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