Beepo - Privacy focused SocialFi with AI powered moderation system

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To help with the early stages of development and implementation of Beepo, we are requesting a $100k USD grant from the Dora GrantDAO. For further information, including a project overview, milestones, team background, objectives, and other details, please see the section below.

anticipating success for us both.

Founder and CEO of Beepo, Michael Jimoh

Project Overview
Beepo is a hybrid decentralized Blockchain social media driven by E2EE and AI/ML algorithm to deliver a completely safe and totally autonomous environment, where users can simply make transactions, chat, share moments, and harness freedom of speech.

Our Website:

Beepo is an instant messaging social networking application built with the aim of solving problems with privacy, security, and data breach.
It is a social networking application integrated with a multichain chain crypto wallet, a web 3 browser, instant messaging and calling, an eCommerce store, and a sales catalog section for business accounts.
With the Beepo app, users can easily communicate with one another thanks to the integration of modern instant messaging technology.
Now you can easily message your friends, family, and colleagues while storing, sending, and receiving cryptocurrency with ease using the integrated multi-chain crypto wallet.
With the Beepo app, you now have the opportunity to make limitless transactions globally with a completely private and decentralized lifestyle.

Beepo has a mission to create an ecosystem that is completely decentralized, private and secure where users have complete control over their information and how it is stored and shared.
One of the main driving forces behind the creation of Beepo is privacy and security. The internet is full of individuals that will stop at no end to steal the information of users, which is why Beepo is built on a secure blockchain network and focuses every ounce of energy it has to stop this from happening.
Beepo is also the result of the drive to combat centralization, complexity, and censorship that is commonly associated with centralized social networks. Centralization, complexity, censorship, and the lack of security and privacy, have caused a lot of problems in society
Here are some case studies that show the need for security and privacy and why it’s important to combat centralization:

What Problems are we Solving?
Beepo is solving problems associated with centralization, complexity, censorship, and the general lack of privacy and security, while helping individuals enjoy seamless instant messaging and calling services

Our Whitepaper: Whitepaper - Internal Wiki


With centralized social networks, users are no longer in charge of their information.

These centralized bodies have the right to sell the information of their users to advertisers and marketers.

Users can also have their information stolen, and when these centralized bodies decide to change their policies that aren’t so favorable to their users, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

There is no centralized authority that can change policies leaning in favor of or against anyone.


In many cases, restrictions are placed on users so that they are unable to use a certain platforms because of their personal views and opinions.

Sometimes these restrictions are in favor of political agendas and concerns. Hence the authorities find a way to manipulate these platforms to push for their personal agendas.

Beepo combats this by creating a platform with no centralized authority, hence, there is no way for the government or any authoritative body to manipulate these platforms or restrict users in any way.


The Beepo app aims to solve one of the key problems a lot of people face with creating a social media account, which is privacy.

The centralized system is guilty of collecting multiple data from the users, which makes the users liable to be the subjects to corporations or governments making use of the user’s data without their permission.

These data collected by the corporations and the government in the form of interests likes and dislikes, buying patterns, online behavior, personal features, and chief of all political views can be used to influence user engagement and sell behavioral advertising.

Besides, this great amount of data collected is susceptible to hackers and others with malicious intent.

Beepo solves that problem by not requiring any personal data to create an account. All that is needed is a username and seed phrase of the user.


For individuals who are new to making crypto and cross-border transactions, making crypto-based transactions can get confusing very quickly.

With this level of complexity, making errors when handling transactions becomes very easy.

Beepo solves this problem by integrating a crypto wallet with the instant messaging social app, hence users who are new to the crypto industry don’t have to go through the strenuous process of opening multiple wallets to make transactions.

Crypto transactions can be easily made on the Beepo app as the app automatically opens a multi-chain crypto wallet for users once the account is created.

Our Unique Selling Point

  1. Multichain support - Beepo integrated blockchain wallet allows us to stay ahead of the competition as it supports up to 5 widely used blockchains with huge communities, therefore, providing ease of use for every crypto enthusiast from various Blockchain Industries.
  2. API - Beepo APIs can be integrated into third-party centralized/web2 existing social media such as the Meta Apps (Facebook) and others. This would allow users from these existing platforms easily make crypto transactions
  3. In chat transactions - Beepo allows its users to make quick transactions directly from the dm without switching to the wallet section
  4. E-commerce - Beepo also integrates a professional feature for small-scale business owners which allows them to create a sales catalog that they display and sell products easily.
  5. Decentralized and Autonomous - Beepo is designed to be fully decentralized and fully autonomous therefore we’re integrating AI and ML Algorithms into our system that’ll handle Censorship and moderation thus protecting users from cyber bullies and also eliminate child pornography or any provoking contents that may promote Terrorism, Rape, trafficking or whatsoever is deemed inhumane and illegal in order to keep the community safe.

Meet the brains behind the Beepo project and get familiar with those working tirelessly behind the scenes to make the Beepo project a success!

We are asking for a grant of $100,000, divided as follows:
We do have infrastructure support from Microsoft and AWS, along with sufficient cloud credit for Alpha Launch, but what these supports do not cover are the things we are requesting below.

Registration of legal entities is projected to cost $5,000.
Estimated expense for other legal/lawyer-related expenses: $16,000

Cybersecurity Team: Although we have specialists on staff, we would nevertheless engage skilled outside pen testers to look for holes in our product and assure top-notch security at a cost of about $10,000.

Smart Contracts and Code Audit: The Beepo project has pledged to be open and uphold the highest standard of privacy for its users; as a result, we will go through rigorous auditing for all of our smart contracts and codes via Certik and accredited auditors, which is expected to cost us $15k.

Office space for the team physically:

With a physical location, the team would be able to choose an appropriate environment with enough resources to boost performance, speed, and access to the necessary resources. Since a larger portion of the team is from the same region and location, we have been working remotely, but this has caused some minor delays in the performance of some candidates due to regional challenges like electricity and internet access, among others.

$30k would be requested to pay this expense over the next 12 to 18 months.


In order to increase the social domination of the Beepo App project, we are now collaborating with a number of marketers and SEO specialists. Google reports that we now rank in the top 5 for the keyword “Beepo App” searches. With the help of social influencer marketing and YouTube creators, we hope to increase our reach and sign up more users for our BETA version at an estimated cost of $20,000.

Financial analysts

For an estimated $4k, we need the assistance of financial analysts to assist us in developing a trustworthy and competent financial model and revenue model.