CEDE Labs - Non-custodial CeFi & DeFi tracking and managing tool

  • We’re asking for a 100k$ grant to help us on the development of our product and for the public beta launch in Q1 2023.
  • Our main coming milestones are :
    milestones 1
    milestones é

Here are projections on how we’re gonna use the grant :


The goal of the CEDE project is to build a non-custodial platform to access the entire crypto ecosystem (CEX+DEFI). In order to do that, There are two products:

  • cede.link : a web-based portfolio management platform, whether it is in the centralized world (CEX) or the decentralized world (DeFi) of the crypto ecosystem. You will be able to track and manage all your crypto assets, through all of our features, such as P&L tracking, tax reporting, CEX-DEX aggregator to swap your assets, transfer between CeFi and DeFi, …

  • cede.store : a non-custodial browser extension to manage your cryptos in centralized exchanges. Our goal is to access to CeFi liquidity from any dApp. Basically, you will be able to invest in any DeFi protocol with your CEX assets, in one click.

We think it’s beneficial for the web3 space because we’re solving a huge pain : visualizing and managing all of your crypto assets in the same interface whether it is in the centralized or decentralized world, in a non-custodial way. For now, there are no tools to aggregate CeFi and DeFi in a non-custodial way as we’re doing it.
How are we doing it? Our main innovation is our non-custodial browser extension to manage your CeFi assets, the user will store his CEX API Keys in the local storage of his browser or on a Ledger. Any dApp will be able to integrate our extension to access their users’ CEX data and liquidity, thus integrating in a way the CeFi into DeFi

We think the DoraHacks community should support the CEDE project because they will love using us. That’s the main point. They are exactly our user target: people passionate about web3, deeply involved in the ecosystem, and using some DeFi protocols and CEX. We’ll bring to them a lot of value, allowing them to track and manage all of their cryptos in a single place, without losing security!
This is a great opportunity for the DoraHacks community to get involved in a very early way in a totally new project, something that has never been seen before: a non-custodial wallet for the CeFi. Furthermore, we aim to be the ultimate gateway between CeFi & DeFi, and we are already supported by renowned VC funds and angel investors, most of them being founders of DeFi protocols.
In addition, we need the help of the DoraHacks community, which is renowned for its involvement in the projects it supports. We need people who are involved and know the DeFi space to receive relevant feedback and criticism on our product. We want to make the best possible product with a great UX, and that’s why we need quality users and beta testers like the DoraHacks community.
Furthermore, we will need this community for our international expansion, and we count on you to spread the word about CEDE Labs, worldwide.


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Looking forward,



Hi Team.
How do you plan to attract users and what is the revenue model?

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Hi Jordan,

Thank you for your question.

To attract users, we’ll launch a beta for our cede store extension in 2 or 3 weeks.
You can apply through the form in our landing page.

We will leverage on the network of our investors (many co-founders of DeFi projects, French KOLs, …) who have a community of users who will find a real use in our product.

Of course, we will find a way to thank our early users.
Another user entry point of our extension are the multiple partnerships and integrations we plan to do with other products of the ecosystem, which would like to access the liquidity of centralized exchanges.

Regarding revenue streams, we see 3 main tracks:

  • for our cede.link dashboard: micro-fees on asset management features; tax reporting & other strategic partnerships that we can monetize

  • for our extension cede.store: side features like fiat gateway or smart trading alerts => business model close to Metamask’s for example

  • monetization of the entire CeFi API infrastructure we are building

Hi CEDE Labs, curious if there are any roadblocks actually aggregating data/liquidity from CEX platforms? Do they have to be agreeable to this business model or could they block you out? If it is the ladder, do you have a plan in place to form a mutually beneficial partnership with them?

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Thanks for your question :slight_smile:

The obstacle to aggregating Centralized Exchanges (CEX) is technical, and we solve it through our browser extension cede.store in a non-custodial way.
Regarding the potential blocking from the Centralized Exchanges, actually there is no obstacle in that respect. Indeed, we have already spoken with many CEX such as Binance, Coinbase or OKX, and they do not see us as a competitor, but rather as a potential future partner. Indeed, the CEX business model is based on volume, which is why they try to develop the best possible APIs so that as many third-party services can use them. Because the more integrations they have with third party services, the more volume they will potentially have and the more money they will generate.