Cookbook - update

Jackson from Cookbook here - posting an update of what we’ve accomplished since our original proposal.

Check out our BUIDL: Cookbook Dorahacks BUIDL

We’ve made much progress in the last 3 months, and I’m excited to share. So without further ado, lets get into it!

Feature Updates

At Cookbook, we treat development as a constant cycle between building and talking to the developers on our platform. Here are a list of features that have been released these last few months from the learnings you have shared with us.

:recycle: Remix Plugin - build on smart contracts and libraries without ever leaving Remix!

:blue_square: VSCode Plugin - use Cookbook from hardhat, foundry, truffle, you name it!

:100: 100+ Chains - deploy in-browser to any EVM chain!

:speech_balloon: Commenting - comment on any smart contract, ask for help or report a security vulnerability

:cook: ChefGPT - ask our custom AI questions about any smart contract!

Educational Updates

We’ve been partnering with web3 education groups to help teach the community and spread the word. Here’s just a few of the amazing teams we’ve done collaborative workshops with.

:point_right: Developer DAO

:point_right: Metis

:point_right: Filecoin

:point_right: Metana

:point_right: Job Protocol

How the DoraHacks community can get involved

Use Cookbook and get in touch! We’re actively hosting events on Mondays and Tuesdays, hanging with devs and collecting feedback. Stop by our community and co-create with us!

Share what you’re building, and let us know how we can further help.

And finally, please follow us on our socials
Twitter: @cookbook_dev