DAOrayaki – A Decentralized Media Platform focused on curation and creation

Who we are

DAOrayaki is a fully functional decentralized media platform for media creation, curation, reporting, and distribution by DAO. Through decentralized governance tools, community members, namely creators, readers, and funders, DAOrayaki manages the media content ecology.

DAOrayaki was established in February 2021, initiated by DAOONE core members and industry OGs, and supported by DoraFactory. Since its establishment, DAOrayaki has focused on exploring the ways of building a fully functional decentralized media (check links 1 & 2 below for details), which includes:

  1. Decentralized funding;
  1. Research prediction markets based on Futarchy mechanism;
  1. Decentralized editorial board;
  1. Decentralized content production & reviewing;
  1. Community governance, and
  1. Other media functions.

Our coverage scope reached more than a dozen fields, such as:

  1. DAOs;
  1. Governance;
  1. Web3 technologies;
  1. Public goods;
  1. Zero Knowledge;
  1. Layer1 & Layer 2;
  1. Space;
  1. Quantum computing, and
  1. Others.

We exceeded 1000+ bilingual articles in Chinese (mainly) and English, and 30+ live podcasts with various top league founders, builders, and researchers.

Our journey saw the support of different well known ecological grants, where we have been classified among top tier buidlers and content creators, such as:

  1. DoraFactory – Community QF Round-1 & Round-2;
  1. BNB Grant DAO – DAOs & dCommunities 2nd place;
  1. Gitcoin GR-11 – Top granted buidl in the Decentralized Governance (dGov) track;
  1. Hashkey Group – Hashkey buidlers support.


  1. DAOrayaki: Designing a Decentralized Media Operated by DAO

    (DAOrayaki: 设计一个用DAO运营的去中心化媒体)

  1. DAOrayaki opens the era of decentralized governance 2.0

    (DAOrayaki |​DAOrayaki 开启去中心化治理2.0时代)

Our Mission

To empower people, we must decentralize information, secure the integrity of media and liberate the freedom of speech.

”Inform, Inspire, Innovate”

Our Vision

Our vision is to be build a decentralized media and research platform, that is autonomous by readers, researchers, and funders.


What we seek

We are seeking an amount of $50k for a duration of 4 months involved in the following uses:

  1. Functions development: A comprehensive upgrade iteration of DAOrayaki official website, including the systematic transformation in the front-end interactive experience (i.e., UI/UX enhancements) – Amount: 35% of the total budget ~$18k;
  1. Market expansion: Business expansion and market operation of new products, focusing on the developments of overseas Chinese community markets in Southeast Asia and Europe – Amount: 30% of the total budget $15k;
  1. Content governance: A new dynamic governance structure of funding, creation, curation, reporting, and dividend distribution around newly developed content functions – Amount: 20% of the total budget $10k;
  1. Community governance: Consensus construction of media governance constitution and token economy model – Amount: 15% of the total budget ~$8k

Implementation strategy

  1. Deploy a brand new decentralized creator economy platform with core functions of creation, curation, and content publishing;
  1. Realize decentralized creation and curation, based on the community contributors (i.e., create and curate 100+ topics around DAOs, ZK, Public Goods, Layer 1 & Layer 2, Web3 Technologies, Quantum Computing, Space, and other fields);
  1. Community growth: Estimated and expected 3000+ subscribers, 100+ core contributors (i.e., governors, creators, funders) within the selected period.
  1. Consensus mechanism V1.0 of media governance constitution and token economic model.

Donor/Voter benefits

All donors/voters are considers funders of DAOrayaki and have the following rights:

  1. The right to initiate thematic content;
  1. Content co-curation rights;
  1. Content targeted distribution rights;
  1. Priority funding rights for content;
  1. Content continuous dividend right;
  1. Community governance voting rights.

DAOrayaki governance structure

DAOrayaki consists of two pillar parts: DAOrayaki & DAOrayaki DAO in which:

  • DAOrayaki is responsible for technologies and protocols developments and falls under the “GURU & Technology governauts” cells within DAOrayaki governance structure;
  • DAOrayaki DAO is considered as a celullar network of various governauts representing the essence of the overall community in which:
    • Infonauts: considered the main base of contributors;
    • Community governauts: dedicated to the community governors responsible for the overall governance;
    • Operation governauts: dedicated to the community governors (in addition to operators) responsible for the operations management;
    • Editorial board governauts: dedicated to the community governors (in addition to editors) responsible for content creation and curation (i.e., curations, research areas, integrity & fairness maintaining);
    • Treasury governauts: dedicated to the community governors (in addition to auditors) responsible for curations funding, bounties releasing, and auditing.

DAOrayaki DAO together combined with its cells (roles) holds and maintains the management of specific thematic content and gains specific rights and interests.

Token model

DAOrayaki deployed a non-monetary governance token for its community denoted under the ticker "YAKID" (DAOrayaki+ IDentity)

Why non-monetary governance tokens?

Governance tokens with non-monetary attributes has no endogenous value, but has governance authority. Such tokens have the following characteristics:

  • Earned through community contributions;
  • Represents certain governance authority;
  • Non-tradable and non-transferable.


  1. Dec 30, 2022 – DAOrayaki new dMedia platform official release;
  1. Dec, 2022 to Feb, 2023 – Topics curations 100+;
  1. Jan, 2023 to Mar, 2023 – Subscribers growth 3000+, 100+ Core contributors (i.e., governors, creators, funders) growth;
  1. Feb, 2023 to Mar 2023 – Consensus mechanism V1.0 deployment of media governance constitution and token economic model.

DAOrayaki current products

Topics reports and research

DAOrayaki.org is one of the first decentralized media platforms. Decentralized community funding for professional reporting, research and analysis. The fields covered include DAOs, Web3, Crypto space, NFTs, DEFIs, GameFis, Layer 1 & Layer 2, programming language Rust Move, Zero Knowledge, SBTs, DID, Quantum computing, Space, and others. The research results exceeded more than 1000 articles, and the cumulative reading volume was +400k.


DAOrayaki podcasts is one of the forefront of the Web3 podcast ranked in many regions around the world, with more than 30 in-depth reports and exclusive interviews in Chinese and English. The guests are all core Web3 BUIDLers, researchers, and founders.

Decentralized funding

DAOrayaki aims to link readers, funders, and creators through decentralized funding. Through governance tools such as bounties and futarchy prediction markets, 300+ community content contributors were funded, and the total funding amount exceeded $62k. DAOrayaki explored and verified the availability of decentralized content production, editing, and reviewing modes.

Contributors network

At present, the core members are mainly distributed in Europe and Southeast Asia, and have formed a contributor network consisting of industry OGs, Web3, DAOs, Crypto practitioners and researchers, doctors and even junior high school students.

Visual Highlights