DAOrayaki – A Decentralized Media Platform focused on curation and creation

Who we are 

DAOrayaki is a decentralized media platform built on the Nostr protocol. DAOrayaki builds various essential decentralized media components to effectively connect funders, creators, curators and readers so that they can freely create, curate, publish and report on various topics.

DAOrayaki was established in February 2021, initiated by DAOONE core members and industry OGs, and our journey saw the support of different well known ecological grants, such as DoraFactory, BNB Grant DAO, Gitcoin GR-11, Hashkey Group et.al. Since its establishment, DAOrayaki has focused on exploring the ways of building a fully functional decentralized media (check links 1 & 2 below for details), which includes:

  1. Decentralized funding;
  2. Decentralized editorial board;
  3. Decentralized creations & reviewing;
  4. Decentralized curations;
  5. Research prediction markets based on Futarchy mechanism;
  6. Community governance, and
  7. Other media functions.

Our mission

To empower people, we must decentralize information and secure freedom of speech. 
“Inform, Inspire, Innovate”


We are solving

  1. Limited freedom due to the censorship efforts;
  2. Preferred desires and intentions over the platforms;
  3. Interests and ownership monopolization;
  4. Community members isolation (funders, creators, readers).


Key components

  1. Anti-censorship publishing: Ensuring content tamper-proof and preventing user privacy leakage based on storage and signing of the decentralized social protocol Nostr;
  2. Delegated review: For funding content, any/specific community member can be empowered to do reviewing democratically and independently;
  3. Joint curations: community members freely create topics, and carry out curation and governance in the form of DAO;
  4. Free publishing: Construct multiple IP publishing agreements to assist in the publication of curated content and realization of the ownership economy;
  5. Decentralized funding: aggregate multiple financing and funding mechanisms, and connect curators, funders, creators and readers through DAO;


What we seek

We are seeking an amount of $50k for a duration of 4 months involved in the following uses: 

Based on the decentralized social network protocol Nostr, we are seeking to develop the following decentralized media functions:

  1. Decentralized storage and ownership preservation;
  2. Censorship-resistant curations and publishing;
  3. Mutual access to the published content on different clients (platforms);
  4. Building Hyper curation structure.

Donor/Voter benefits

All donors/voters are considers funders of DAOrayaki and have the following rights:

  1. Priority funding rights for curatorial topics;
  2. Right to govern curated topics;
  3. Gained reputation within the communitys;
  4. Community governance voting rights.

Short Term Valuated Roadmap

  1. 1. Mar. 2023 – Decentralized storage and ownership preservation;
  2. 2. Mar. 2023 – Censorship-resistant curations and publishing;
  3. 3. Apr. 2023 – SMutual access to the published content on different clients (platforms);
  4. 4. May. 2023 to Mar 2023 – Hyper curations structure implementation.


DAOrayaki current products

DAOrayaki infrastructure platform

DAOrayaki newest launched platform currently in beta version, which is built to accomplish the basic functions of decentralized creation, curation, and reviewing. It includes various tools concerning content creating, content reviewing, and topics curation..



Topics reports and research

DAOrayaki.org is one of the first decentralized media platforms. Decentralized community funding for professional reporting, research and analysis. The fields covered include DAOs, Web3, Crypto space, NFTs, DEFIs, GameFis, Layer 1 & Layer 2, programming language Rust Move, Zero Knowledge, SBTs, DID, Quantum computing, Space, and others. The research results exceeded more than 1000 articles, and the cumulative reading volume was +400k.





DAOrayaki podcasts is one of the forefront of the Web3 podcast ranked in many regions around the world, with more than 30 in-depth reports and exclusive interviews in Chinese and English. The guests are all core Web3 BUIDLers, researchers, and founders.




Decentralized Funding

DAOrayaki aims to link readers, funders, and creators through decentralized funding. Through governance tools such as bounties and futarchy prediction markets, 300+ community content contributors were funded. DAOrayaki explored and verified the availability of decentralized content production, editing, and reviewing modes.




Contributors Network

At present, the core members are mainly distributed in Europe and Southeast Asia, and have formed a contributor network consisting of industry OGs, Web3, DAOs, Crypto practitioners and researchers, doctors and even junior high school students.







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