epPlex - Grant Proposal Dora Grant Round 5


A Solana protocol for Trigger NFTs

The problem

NFTs haven’t found many mainstream use-cases because they are static assets with limited use-cases. NFTs serve as the main entrypoint for non-crypto people, so it is important that they can do more with NFTs than simply holding, staking, selling, transferring etc.

The solution

epPlex is JavaScript for NFTs, it is a Solana NFT protocol that allows creators to program digital assets based on arbitrary trigger conditions; i.e. perform an action on an NFT based on time, transfers, balances, on-chain activity, etc.


With trigger conditions, we can program an NFT to self-destruct based on an expiration date. This time-based Trigger introduces innovative uses for NFTs, like ownable and tradable ephemeral social media experiences like Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and TikTok; time-limited coupons for ecommerce; seasonal game passes; and even primitives for on-chain games such as verifiable session state, power-ups/buffs, badges, and more.

For facilitation, the Trigger Intent Network (TIN) is a network of nodes that allows for permissionless and incentivised execution of the triggers. It works by allowing anyone to permissionlessly execute the code that triggers after arbitrary conditions defined by the creator have been met. This is going to be a subchain similar to how the Pyth network operates.

This expands the NFT design space for creators and developers that can now unlock new experiences from ephemeral performance art, to facilitating financialized games,


  • Ship Time Trigger condition to Solana mainnet (1 month)
  • Prove out the Time Trigger use-case with a 10k NFT collection (1 month)
  • Create an easy-to-use SDK and create the Trigger Intent Network (1 month)
  • Future work: Ship other specific triggers


  • Burger Bob (CEO): MSc Computer Science, Fullstack Developer, Winner of 1st Prize Crypto Infra. Hyperdrive hackathon
  • Justin (CTO): BSc Computer Science, Fullstack Developer, Winner of 1st Prize Crypto Infra. Grizzlython
  • Glow (Product Designer): MSc Architecture, Artist, Product Designer

Grant ask

USD 50.000

Grant usage:

  • Team Salaries and hiring additional development man-power.
  • Smart contract audits
  • Operational costs
  • Company licensing

Milestone Allocation

Milestone Deliverables Amount
Upfront We have shipped a very basic MVP of the Time Trigger on devnet, which has gained traction from the Solana community. Now, we would like to prove out this use-case with a never-seen-before 10k PFP collection on Solana mainnet, which requires additional protocol development and tech support for this novel NFT standard. $25.000 (50%)
epPlex SDK and general use Now that we have a proven use-case, we would like to make it easier for other teams to seamlessly launch their own experiences. Milestone would be to have launched 100k epPlex NFTs. $25.000 (50%)