Feed.xyz-A metaverse of public knowledge in the future

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I’m Horis. Allow me to introduce Feed.xyz

Feed.xyz:A metaverse of public knowledge in the future

About Feed.xyz
Feed.xyz is the metaverse of public knowledge in the future, and aims to build the main portal for entering Web 3.0 from Web 2.0, and effectively delivers the desired contents to audiences. Our vision is to infinitely expand interoperability of Socialfi. Focusing on the needs of day to day users for the interoperability of Web3.0 content, we will deeply integrate Mirror and other content creation platform and create the first economy model of Writer to Earn and Share to Earn in practice effectively, where content generators can maximize their influence while content consumers can get reward for their contribution to the spread good thoughts and content. At the same time, in Feed.xyz, content can be seamlessly synced to Mirror with a more user friendly create environment for creators.

We believe that sharing will truly empower the entire ecosystem rather than simply reward creators.

What need /problem does your product meet /fix?

  • Integrating contents on Mirror so users can discover needed information efficiently.
  • Ranking the qualities of content to bring more recognitions and exposures to good content creators, help them to grow more audiences and influences.
  • Open content and feeds channel so anyone can share and be collected, achieving the most optimized Feed system.
  • Feed.xyz focus on developing sophisticated algorithms and products to bring the most suitable and qualified contents, simplify users content consuming journey and avoid information overflow.
  • Bring NFT to attract and encourage early adopters for write to earn, read to earn and share to earn model and build sustainable ecosystem for content creators and consumers.
  • Feed.xyz serves creators and feeds by integrating and better displaying quality content scattering on different platforms to be a solution to information fragmentation.

We are requesting a $40K commercial grant split in the following way:

Phase 1
Early start-up of the project ($20K)

We have already raised part of this fund, and mainly completed the following work.

-The formation of the feed.xyz team, with a total of 5 core team members, including 1 American, 1 French and 3 Asians.
-Feed.xyz beta is developed, and the retrieval function of Mirror content has been completed. Plan to aggregate more content later and encrypt it.
-Early marketing of feed.xyz

  1. Docked 50 KOLs in blockchain industry.
  2. Participated in Gitcoin G14 and raised some donations.
  3. The operation of early social media accounts

Phase 2
Now that we are entering a new stage, we need to raise funds for the next development and marketing activities, so we raised $40K in Dora Grant DAO and announced the corresponding milestones.

Milestone 1($20K)
At this stage, we will spend 3 months integrating some important Web3 contents, including Mirror,Bchat,Notion,Medium, etc.

  • The version of Feed.xyz v0.9 was released.($4K)
  • Development of tools for content creators.($8K)
  • Optimization of front-end development work($8K)

Milestone 2($20K)
At this stage, we need to encrypt the content by Zk-layer2 technology, and initially realize the encrypted retrieval of blockchain content. In view of the huge workload, this work will take 5-6 months.Feed.xyz v1.0, which initially realizes the retrieval of blockchain encryption.

  • Two new developers are recruited.($10K)
  • Marketing expenses(10K)

More information about us


Thank you feed.xyz team for your grant application.

Public and decentralized knowledge sharing and curation are truly vital. Here are a few questions from my end.

  1. Your proposal has brought up the idea of content quality ranking. (Problem statement No.2) It would be great if you could introduce a bit more on how feed.xyz will rank the quality of content.

  2. Also, I’m very interested in what your algorithm will be like “to bring the most suitable and qualified content”. (Problem statement No.4).

  3. Why you’re implementing ZK in your product.



Thank you for your concern, we have received your query and our team will reply as soon as possible.


How does feed.xyz drive the the user generated content on your platform?


I believe this project is worth looking forward to, web3 needs such a project.

hi,Thank you for your question, this is our response to your question, hope it can help you.

We have published the response in Medium.

Reply link:Dora Grant DAO|Replies to Questions from Dorahack Community @Steve | by Feed.xyz | Oct, 2022 | Medium

We have negotiated with 100 KOLs and provided Sogou aggregation encryption service for their contents, and they showed great interest.
Also for content creation, we will have corresponding incentive mechanism.