Fiolet Hive - We charge crypto-natives to fit your business model

:wave: What we do

We help companies with flexible pricing models to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

We allow users to connect payment methods for recurring charges. Сompanies make invoices according to their pricing models. Fiolet links company requirements with customer’s ability to complete a transaction.

We allow companies to create value for users without thinking about how to get funds from them.

Designed for Flexible Business Models

No matter what your recurring business model is, our goal is to help you generate revenue from it. Here are some examples of popular pricing models:

  • Flat-rate pricing (e.g. Netflix subscription, $10 per month)
  • Usage-based (e.g. use of OpenAI API, $0.0001 per API call)
  • Seat-based (e.g. payment based on team size in Notion, $10 per seat)
  • Subscription to multiple products (e.g. YouTube Premium + YouTube Music Premium subscriptions, $10 + $5 per month)
  • Live payments (e.g. ordering a ride on Uber, $10 per ride)

You can use any of these models or combine them to fit your needs!

Companion for your Billing System

Fiolet Hive is compatible with any solution for metering like Lago, OpenMeter, or homegrown.

Automated Invoice Collection

Fiolet Hive will automatically charge customers as soon as you send them an invoice. User confirmation is not required for this process: the payment will be processed automatically.

Efficient Payment Method Choosing

Our system will decide what is the best for you and your customers:

  • Fiolet Hive will select payment method by customer & shop compatibility and prioritized payment methods
  • Our system will also check for the availability of requested funds to pay the invoice
  • Final step: debiting funds from your client!


We support only EVM compatible blockchains.

You can choose multiple blockchains from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

Also, you can select multiple tokens from USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD, ETH, BNB, MATIC.

Pricing - Pay-as-you-go (2% + gas fee)

We will deduct a 2% fee from each successful transaction as payment for using our service. In addition, we will also deduct a gas fee from you.

Project links


Pitch Deck: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.


Daniil Popenko - co-founder, Head of Product & Engineering.

Daniil Baliabin - co-founder, Head of Growth

Mark Grigirenko - frontend developer, blockchain developer

Kirill Zagonenko - backend developer, blockchain developer

Yegor Permyakov - backend developer, blockchain developer

Is the team ready and experienced to build the product?

Our teams are fully prepared to build this product. We have all the necessary competencies and skills for full realization. The team has already launched similar products. You can evaluate our launch work on Product Hunt.

Web3 experience

The team has a pretty good experience in Web 3. From our achievements:

  1. We launched a product - Fiolet payments. This service helps to accept one-time payments for companies.

  2. We participated in 0x, AWS, Family, Polygon | Decreasing Frictions in DeFi hackathon and implemented swap of tokens for our product.

  3. We participated in Omnichain Hackathon and added a new network - ZetaChain.

Grand Request

What is the size of the grant request?

We are seeking $60k from the Dora Grant DAO

How do we justify the size of the grant?

Our team is in a state of testing product hypotheses and realizing a new product - Fiolet Hive.

In order to test hypotheses and implement the new product, we need funds, which we will spend on developer salaries and infrastructure costs.

We have already shown users and other startups that we can and want to make real products, and that is why we need support in the form of a grant.

As of now we are self funded.


We plan to have our mvp Fiolet Hive completed by July 31.

Then we will move on to implementing our system to our users - companies and other startups.

Our future plans include expanding the functionality of our system and implementing new product functionality that our users need.

Bonuses for Early Adopters

For the first 10 companies, we are offering exclusive terms: a reduced commission rate of 1% for the first year of usage.

:incoming_envelope: Contact Us!

The longer you take to think, the less value your customers receive from you.

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