Hacker Dōjō|Project Research:Distributed Key Generation (DKG) : https://dorahacks.io/daobounty/184

Outline of the workshop:

Introduction to Distributed Key Generation
Definition of Distributed Key Generation and the concept of its origin.
Importance of need for DKG
Elimination of the need for trusted parties in modern systems of cryptography.
Core Concepts of DKG
Secret Sharing and consensus as fundamental building blocks.
VSS and its importance in DKG
More mechanisms for generating DKG
Practical Aspects of DKG
Verification and complaint handling in DKG protocols.
Computing public and private keys through DKG processes.
Applications of DKG
Symmetric-key cryptography applications for distribution centers.
Public-key cryptography applications for threshold public-key decryption and signature schemes.
Miscellaneous Applications of DKG.
Limitations of DKG
Addressing practicality concerns of DKG schemes for Internet use.
Synchronous Communication Dependency and Threshold Reconstruction.
Threshold Reconstruction and Trusted Setup Assumption.
Proposed Solutions and Future Development of DKG:
Byzantine Agreement Integration and efficient VSS Schemes.
Asynchronous DKG Protocols
Scalability and Reliability Enhancements
Uniform Randomness and Adaptive Adversary Models

Miscellaneous Topics for DKG:
Integration with BLS Signatures
Advanced Interpolation with DKG.

Conclusion, Gratitude, and References:
Conclusion notes and personal thoughts
Gratitude to the sponsors for their support.
References utilized to form the content for the workshop.

Manuscript Link: dkg_doradojo_workshop.pdf - Google Drive