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Fast and Reliable Formal Verification of Smart Contracts with the Move Prover


Begin by explaining the concept of formal verification and why it’s particularly critical in the context of smart contracts. Introduce the Move Prover as the focus of your presentation and give an overview of the key points to be discussed.

Advantages of Move Prover vs. Unit Testing

Outline the concept of unit testing, noting its limitations in smart contract verification. Present the Move Prover as a superior alternative, emphasizing its benefits such as enhanced reliability, comprehensive coverage, and the ability to detect bugs early in the development cycle.

Alias-Free Memory Model

Discuss the concept of an alias-free memory model, its importance in formal verification, and how the Move Prover implements it. You can draw from the uploaded image to describe how Move code goes through parsing and compilation stages before reaching the Prover Object Model, which adheres to an alias-free memory model.

Invariant Checking

Define invariant checking and argue for its necessity in maintaining the integrity of smart contracts. Detail the methodology used by the Move Prover to perform invariant checking and relate it to the architecture diagram where the Prover Object Model is central.


Explain monomorphization and its utility in formal verification processes. Illustrate how the Move Prover leverages monomorphization to streamline the verification process and enhance the efficiency of checking properties.

Validator Architecture and Boogie IVL

Introduce the concept of Validator Architecture and its role within the Move Prover ecosystem. Describe the Boogie Intermediate Verification Language (IVL) and its importance as shown in the architectural flow of the Prover.

Limits and Future of Formal Verification

Discuss the current boundaries of formal verification with respect to smart contracts, touching upon the challenges faced today. Look ahead to ongoing research and potential advancements, urging the audience to keep abreast of new developments.


Conclude by summarizing the main points discussed throughout the presentation. Reaffirm the significance of the Move Prover in achieving fast and reliable formal verification of smart contracts.