Lewk Protocol is a proof of skills protocol to build on chain resume for web3 builders

Value Added
We believe existing methods for talent evaluation are insufficient for modern online-based work. People are typically measured based on status symbols like education diplomas, job titles, and previous employers’ reputations instead of their actual skills and willingness to learn. As a result, hiring happens within exclusive inner circles, omitting people outside of them regardless of their capabilities.

Organizations across fields repeatedly mention access to talent as one of their fundamental challenges. Common solutions include even more intensive reliance on personal networks as well as recruitment budget increases, leading to a rising amount of cold contacting, spammy in-mails, and paying unnecessarily high premiums for headhunters.

These problems are common across industries, and also apply to the web3 community. Professional identity and reputation haven’t sparked general interest – even the recent discussion about decentralized identity and on-chain reputation has lacked talent measurement and signaling considerations. There haven’t been reliable ways of verifying skills with on-chain data, let alone leveraging this data in hiring. As a result, most web3 companies and DAOs still rely mainly on web2-native talent discovery methods. Costs are huge – not only in terms of wasted time and money but also in non-optimal recruitment decisions.

Digital identity in web3 will be the most important societal shift in the next decade. Using programmable smart contracts and NFT, it can be highly composable, portable, interoperable, and verifiable.

We set out to build a web3 reputation system - create decentralized digital identity primitives that are optimized for hiring.

Web3 on-chain ‘resume’ can be an aggregator of talent’s off-chain and on-chain credentials and verifiable work history, skills, etc, and allows them to interact with and one-click apply for job opportunities.


We are requesting a $150K commercial grant split in the following way:

i. Upfront ($30k) - UI, UX and Operation Setup

The initial 30k fund will be used to build out the brand identity and design user experience at lewkprotocol.xyz and lewk.app and fund our initial operating costs, including: frontend design, lawyer fees associated with setting up the legal BVI / Singapore legal entities and preparing for fundraising rounds, and the legal entities themselves.

  1. $5k - Iterate lewkprotocol, lewk.app and brand identity design and create graphic assets for badges
  2. $5k - BVI (British Virgin Island) Entity
  3. $5k - Singapore Entity
  4. $5k - Design tokenomics

i. Milestone 1 ($40k) - SBT minting flow, Proof of Skills protocol and compute Skill Score

Create a comprehensive skills badging system at lewkprotocol badges tab, and build out the SBT badge minting flow to bring off chain data on chain. Each skill is constructed from various achievements so that each of them contributes to users’ skill score.

We’re targeting our first milestone to be completed in an estimated 3 months. Achieving the first milestone is to create the proof-of-skills protocol, which is a modular protocol for measuring talent and showcasing personal achievements in an objective, transparent way

By the end of this milestone, we’ll be performing multiple independent smart contract audits. Additionally, we’ll start our marketing campaigns around the time the MVP launches.

We’ll also be opening sourcing the codebase. This will be funded from the funds secured ($40k).

ii Milestone 3 ($30k) - Form partnerships with DAOs and create bounty flow

Create a DAO bounty aggregator at lewkprotocol bounties tab with categorization, tagging as well as on chain bounty application and payout flow.

We’re targeting our second milestone to be completed around 3-6 months after our first milestone.

  1. $10k - Form partnership with DAOs and onboard their bounties
  2. $15k - Smart contract auditing
  3. $5k - Marketing: KOL, media, partnerships and community management

iii. Milestone 3 ($20k) - Decentralized crypto job referral flow

Create a job board aggregator at lewkprotocol jobs tab and build out the apply and referral flow

  1. $10k - Form partnership with Crypto startups and onboard their job openings and migrate the currently referral bounties from lewk.app to lewkprotocol.xyz/jobs
  2. $15k -Create referral links and referral tracking system
  3. $5k - Integrate with crypto startups’ ATS

Between milestones 2 and 3, we will also extend early access invitations to the DoraHacks community.

iV. Milestone 4 ($10k) - Organization and Spaces

Create lewkprotocol organizations tab to show case all our partner organizations and DAOs, on each organization page, we can show case the organization details and community handles

V. Milestone 5 ($20k) - Profiles and Social features

Social space at lewkprotocol profiles tab to show case the currently users with user profile and integrate with wallet to wallet messaging and follow etc social features.

Content Marketing

  • Twitter Spaces (AMAs)
  • Medium article on professional identity


  1. We created a job board with daily updates and have more than 3000 email subscribers now
  2. We also have 30 web startup profiles set up for our community members to learn more about the startup ecosystem.
  3. We are currently actively working on talent profile features and adding more ways to allow talent to showcase their achievements via SBTs and verifiable credentials!