Metopia - A Web 3 tooling infrastructure that creates data-based user reputation system for governance, SBT system, and incentive applications

What is Metopia?

Metopia is a Web 3 tooling infrastructure that creates data-based user reputation system for governance, SBT system, and incentive applications.

As emerging data indexing protocols enable Web 3 data to be accessed. These data include:

  • On-chain history of asset trading & NFT collection ownership;

  • Off-chain venue data from Twitter, Discord, & Gitcoin;

  • DAO governance history;

  • Credentials & identity instruments such as POAP, SBT, OAT, etc.

However, there are several issues facing the utilization of Web 3 user data for business and community settings:

  • Lack of user-end data aggregation;

  • Lack of bridging of user data into community settings.

Metopia serves as the infrastructure that creates a user-end reputation system and the use case provider that enables governance & credential use cases based on user reputation.

  • Reputation system : a user profile that automatically aggregates Web 3 data from data protocols (RSS3, Ceramic, Moralis, The Graph, etc.);

  • Governance : a governance platform that allows for customized DAO governance strategies based on user contributions & credentials;

  • SBT System : a credentialing platform where communities can reward members for contributions with POAP, SBT, etc.

  • Incentive : Metopia’s non-transferable SoulBound protocol helps projects create better incentive systems.

Metopia Application 01: Governance

Metopia enables a DAO governance application directly built on top of the Web 3 reputation system. With data integrations, DAO governance for projects now is more customizable than ever, with the following capabilities:

  • Members can now vote for a proposal with multiple tokens (NFT, FT, Soul Bound Token, POAP) in a multi-token community;
  • Projects can customize vote power based on metadata;
  • Projects can give more vote weight to members with credentials such as POAP & SBT.

Metopia Application 02: Incentive

Metopia enables projects and communities to directly issue and reward credential and reward tokens including POAP and SBT to members and contributors based on events and tasks.

For credentials and reward issuing, communities and projects can create tasks and events such as:

  • Space, AMA, launch parties;
  • Governance participations;
  • Loyalty (holding time), trading, etc.

Metopia is creating the community standard for Web 3

We believe that Web 3 reputation powered by data will be the fuel for social interactions and value exchange for blockchain projects and communities.

We also believe that Web 3 data that come with true project and community use cases will maximize the value a community standard can provide to its users.

Come and join us in building the new community standard for Web 3


Metopia Beta Testing is live ! ! !

More Information about Metopia: Thesis & Overview - Metopia Whitepaper


This project seems quite well-established. You guys never raised funds from investors?

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Metopia is one of the finalists for DoraHacks’ First Round Grant. Watch our presentation below, and check out the thread to see how you can support Metopia on our mission.

Here is the link to vote for Metopia. We appreciate you all, and we can’t wait to showcase this to the rest of Web3. WAGMI :rocket:

Vote for us: Metopia | BUIDL | DoraHacks