Project yula - infinite decentralized exchange algorithmic functions

Hi to the DoraHacks community. This is an attempt to make an alternative to Uniswap. We have infinitely many alternatives mathematical functions and some new features as well.

Here is the budget, we need.

Programmer 21K
Interviewer 18K
Graphic designer 15K
Phase 1 - Smart contract coding 10K
Phase 2 - Webpage coding 12K
Phase 3 - Advertising. Recruitment and selection 24K
We expect phase 1 to 3 to take 1 year total.

Here are what each person is supped to do.

Interviewer —> Interviewing and shortlisting potential candidates. Explanation about the project, their role in it and our expectations from them.

Graphic designer —> Using their creative knowledge to create an attractive and suitable platform as well as our logo. They will eventually aid in marketing as well.

Advertising, recruitment and selection —> Proper platforms for advertisements to be done whether it’s from distributing pamphlets to advertising on all social medias for the product as well as for job vacancies. The target is not only recruit mature people with experience but as well as youngsters with less experience but a creative mind.

Thanks for your consideration.