Sisyphus Protocol: decentralized social protocol for helping self-improvement and encouraging creators economy

Sisyphus Protocol is a decentralized social protocol based on blockchain technology, to help self-improvement and encourage creator economy.

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As people can now choose to do too many things in life, we often do not have a long-term interest, and it is difficult to persist in doing something.
Nowadays, each field requires a lot of knowledge and skills, and if one does not persist in them, it is very likely to end up not succeeding in anything; and too much desk work has led to the subhealth problems, and how to help people persist in exercises is also an urgent problem that needs to be solved.


We use a teaming+staking+record+reward model to constrain and motivate users to persist in completing their goals. The main constraint is that users need to stake stablecoins to participate in the tasks. Failure to complete the tasks will cause financial losses and increase the cost and psychological threshold for giving up.

The motivation is divided into two aspects:

  • Financial incentive: stable coins and platform tokens rewards;
  • Mental incentive: teaming up to create a good atmosphere of competition.

Our product development plan can be divided into the following two stages:
Stage 1: Clock-related Feature: Create a Campaign, Join Campaign, record on time then claim the reward or lose, challenge and vote.
Stage 2: Knowledge Payment and token cycles: Launch Token, stake, and set up courses.

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Demo video: Brief Intro to Sisyphus-protocol - YouTube


Github: Sisyphus Protocol · GitHub


At the THUBA DAO Hackathon in September 2022, we have already completed part of Stage 1: including the simplest Campaign and an ordinary frontend. In the end, we won the title of the most popular project.

We are requesting a $90K commercial grant split in the following way:

1. Upfront ($20k)

The initial 20k fund will be used to kickstart the project and fund our initial costs, including: infrastructure fees, like domain, cloud server, ethereum rpc usage, ipfs usage, frontend design and lawyer fees associated with setting up the legal BVI / Singapore legal entities and preparing for fundraising rounds, and the legal entities themselves.

  • $5k - website and design
  • $5k - infurastruction fee
  • $5k - Singapore entity
  • $5k - BVI entity

2. Milestone 1 ($20k)

The first milestone will be reached around the end of December 2022. We will launch our stage 1 MVP product on the test network, and launch Alpha testing for the first seed users. In the meantime, we will start the contract audit in preparation for the next release to the production network.

  1. Launch stage 1 MVP
  2. Welcome seed users and more alpha users
  3. $20k - Start stage 1 contract audit

About three months after Milestone 1 is completed, we reach Milestone 2. After a period of alpha user feedback, our product has been relatively good enough. and the stage 1 contract audit reports will be released. We will release the stage 1 product onto the production network and start to carry out some marketing activities to promote our products.

  1. Launch on a production network
  2. $10k - Marketing: Marketing: KOL, media, community management

4. Milestone 3 ($40k)

Approximately 3 to 6 months after Milestone 2 is completed, we arrived at Milestone3. We will release our independent mobile APP. In addition, we will launch the alpha test of stage 2 and start the audit of relevant contracts. At this time, more Marketing resources are needed.

  1. Mobile independent app
  2. Stage 2 alpha test.
  3. $20k - Stage 2 contract auditing
  4. $20k - Marketing: KOL, media, community management

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