VOKA AI Protocol - Create your own Metaverse Avatar by 2D PFP


In the Web3 scenario, it is lacking of the utilities of NFTs. The Nft holders usually want to use their NFTS to represent them in the daily social and gaming situations. However, there is currently no games or Dapps offering this type of technical support to NFT holders. In addition, it is difficult and expensive for the gamIng provider to adapt difference collections of NFTs to become characters in the game.

What it does

VOKA AI Protocol is an Avatar model generator with support for smart contracts which enable copyright and other properties. The protocol can generate 3D characters by 2D PFP NFTs.

How we built it

Using self-developed AI technology to build up 3D model from 2D NFT pictures.
Building smart contracts, NFT Mint, connect wallet by using Solidity, Truffle, Infura tools.
Using Nft. Storage API of Filecoin for the model file storage and the user download.

Challenges we ran into

  1. The AI technology is difficult to adapt all kinds of collections of NFTs. Currently, our protocol is only supported Japanese animated NFTs, and the simple draw NFT like Mfers.
  2. The 3D avatar has standard skeleton. The game needs to adapt our standard to use avatars.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

2022 ETH Shanghai Hackathon bronze award。
2022 Filecoin Hackathon the first prize.

What we learned

  1. Learned how to connect polygon network by using smart contracts.
  2. Learned how to upload big file to IFPS.

What’s next for VOKA AI Protocol

  1. Build the mobile application for the 3D avatar live streaming.
  2. Build a Web3.0’s live streaming service platform focuses on decentralized games and AMA interviews

Demo Video