Yoki Finance - Token subscription widget (DCA) for the communities

Greetings to the Dora Hacks DAO community! Let us invite you to follow (and support) Yoki Finance buidl. We look forward to the upcoming product launch (which receiving this grant would facilitate) and will be happy to incentivize our early supporters :hugs:

What are we building?

Yoki Finance is a Web3 solution that enables automatic recurring crypto transactions. The protocol allows for setting up your own products, such as recurring billing for SaaS, gated content access, donations, DAO payments, automated loan repayments, and more.

The first product we build is a Token Subscription widget (aka Dollar-Cost-Average) for the communities. Any project with an ERC-20 token traded on DEX will be able to forecast and incentivize the token market cap growth :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Demo video

Benefits for DoraDAO community

DoraHacks will be able to integrate our widget on the DAO page and provide the ability to automatically purchase the tokens within the given time frame (1h, 4h, daily, weekly, monthly, etc). We could consider adding the feature to automatically stake $DORA after the later purchase.

Subscription widget benefits:

  • Gasless
  • Self-custody
  • Decentralized back-end

Our mission

Our mission is to facilitate recurrent crypto transactions for business and retail and give you an opportunity to connect with your favorite projects better!

Technical description

We’re planning to integrate the following stack of solutions.

  1. Web3Auth

Web3Auth is used to authorize users with their social graph.

  1. Safe

We use Safe solutions, such as {Core} for the Account Abstraction & {Wallet} for multi-sig.

  1. Gelato

Gelato enables Yoki to automate smart contract execution in a decentralized way

  1. 1inch

Yoki uses a 1inch decentralized liquidity aggregator to execute the swaps


:pushpin: Konstantin Shirokov, Founder

Konstantin joined the web3 space in 2018 as a Marketing/Product C-level in companies such as PrimeXBT, Fringe Finance, Datalight etc.

:link: http://twitter.com/konstant_crypto
:link: http://linkedin.com/in/shirokov-konstantin/

:pushpin: Georgii Savchenko, Co-Founder, CTO

Georgii has more than 10 years of experience as a tech lead and has a track record of building public goods in Web3

:link: twitter.com/TechGeorgii
:link: linkedin.com/in/georgiysavchenko/

:pushpin: Stanislav Osipenko, CPO / UX / Design

:link: linkedin.com/in/stanislav-osipenko/

:pushpin: Stepan Bubnov BackEnd / SC

:link: linkedin.com/in/stepan-bubnov-61b06b114/

:pushpin: Vasil Kamalov FrontEnd

:link: linkedin.com/in/vasil-kamalov/

:pushpin: Anastasia Lukach CMO

:link: linkedin.com/in/anastasia-lukach/


We’re requesting a $60K grant split in the following way.

Milestone 1

$20K to build the product

The initial 20k fund will be used to:

  • Develop and launch the smart contracts on a few chains Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and BSC
  • Design the widget integration
  • Set up the legal entity
  • Cover the Web3 auth costs

We’re targeting our first milestone to be completed within 3-4 months.

Milestone 2

$40K to conduct an audit & further product enhancement

In the second milestone we’re planning the following:

  • Perform smart-contract audits & security tests
  • Onboard to multiple trending EVM-chains
  • Switch to the decentralized back-end
  • Integrate swaps through a liquidity aggregator

We’re targeting our second milestone to be completed around 1-2 months after our first milestone

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