Cookbook - smart contract homepage

Cookbook is the hub for smart contracts. It is one platform where you can find, deploy, and collaborate on any contract on EVM. You can view audits, documentation, and usage, as well as deploy and manage the contracts from the user interface.

We are building the best repository for developers to find the contracts and building blocks they need to build throughout web3. So far the building environment is strangely fragmented, but centralized. Builders parse through tons of different resources to get started, from ERC-20 generators, to forks from contracts on Etherscan. Cookbook is a single place where the community can contribute as well as find and build off of all of the innovations on EVM.

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We are requesting a $50k investment through a standard yCombinator SAFE at a $8M post-money valuation. We see tremendous synergies between DoraHacks and Cookbook as collaborative communities of web3 developers as well as independent platforms that connect builders with protocols.

This $50k investment would be part of our $1.6M seed round, bringing Cookbook to 30 months of runway with three added team members on top of the three co-founders. Additional documents, data, and investment material is available upon request. Reach out to Jackson on Telegram: @jackson_cookbook

Project Features

:woman_cook: user accounts and contracts

:notebook: a robust and ever growing catalogue of smart contracts

:scroll: documentation and useage examples

:boom: in-browser deployment

:scientist: in-browser smart contract management

:computer: code snippets

:popcorn: tutorials

:technologist: a robust community of developer contributors

:hammer_and_wrench: developer tool integrations

:free: all open source and completely for free

Coming Soon

:books: libraries and smart contract components

:mailbox_closed: version history

:desktop_computer: in-browser editor

:speech_balloon: commenting

What kind of smart contracts are on cookbook?

Cookbook currently contains over 100 different smart contracts, ranging from fundamentals such as ERC-20’s and NFTs, to more complex utilities, to contracts from a variety of different projects within the ecosystem.

What if I can’t find the contract I’m looking for on cookbook?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out! There is a request button in the bottom right where you can interface directly with the core team. The cookbook team is adding new contracts every day, and looking to include what the community is looking for.

Core Values

Cookbook is built on the ideals of decentralization and open source. Anyone can come and add contracts to our platform, and we aim to take a community-focused approach to security. When you find a contract on Cookbook, you can view the places where it is publicly audited, and see how many times it’s downloaded. Over time, we aim to add more community-centric security features, such as developer comments, integrated developer audits, version control, and queries for transaction volume being processed through the contract.

Oh, and we also believe these tools should be free.

Free? Really?

Yes, everything that currently exists and is being build on Cookbook is free, and will be forever.

Whats new the last month?

Since the new year we have significantly grown our community as well as released some incredibly developer-centric features such as ‘edit in remix’. The ‘edit in remix’ feature allows any smart contract to be immediately brought into remix for easy editing and testing!

Please stop by our discord to learn more!

Twitter: @cookbook_dev