Opposing over funding in Dora Grant DAO Round-1

As stated in a previous announcement, Dora Grant DAO is going to fund 6 projects.

The good thing is - DORA Grant DAO admin team tried to fund as many projects as possible based on community voting results.

However, the total promise to fund all 6 projects is 415,000 USD, more than doubled the amount proposed to be used to fund this round in the first place ($200,000). For the vcDORA community members who participated in the first round, this is a good news, because more funding is granted. But by doubling the amount it greatly reduces the ability of Dora Grant DAO to fund future rounds, therefore damages the sustainability of Dora Grant DAO itself.

As a result, I strongly oppose to use more than $200,000 to fund the round-1 BUIDLs. This might cause some last-minute logistics troubles, but it will be good for the whole community in the long term if we can stick to plan, and make sure the Dora Grant DAO can sustain over a long period of time and fund as many innovative projects as possible during the winter.

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